Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM project)

Your medicine cabinet can be a health hazard. Most of the medicines in our medicine cabinet we need, but what about the yellow pills in a jar that’s lost its label, the eye drops we have had for a longtime or the cream that’s been there for a while and is a few years out of date?

Old medicines lying around the home ‘just in case’ are dangerous…

  • If taken when they’re out-of-date
  • If taken when not prescribed for you
  • If in reach of little prying fingers

The RUM Project provides the safest and easiest way to dispose of unwanted and out-of-date medicines. By returning your out-of-date and unwanted medicines to our pharmacy, we can make your home a safer place, help safeguard our community and protect our environment.

Don’t flush medicines down the toilet.
Sewerage plants can’t treat all chemicals in waste water, resulting in contamination of waterways.

Don’t pour medicines down the sink.
Household medicines contain highly soluble chemicals which when entered into water systems can harm aquatic life.

Don’t throw medicines into the garbage bin.
Household medicines disposed of this way end up in exposed landfill sites

It’s easy and all you need to do is..

Step 1: Sort through your medicine cabinet and drawer, putting to one side the out-of date and unwanted medicines

Step 2: Bring them in to our pharmacy

Step 3: Give them to our pharmacist for proper disposal and

Step 4: Tell your friends and relatives to do the same ☺